Zombie Vavoom! Sex, Violence and Zombies!

Shamron Moore, from the movie Zombie Strippers

What is Zombie Vavoom!? Well, if you are like me, (that is, a mild-mannered recently-escaped psychopath on the run) then there is a good chance you have already discovered what I like to call “The Ultimate Truth”. And The Ultimate Truth is there are only THREE things necessary to sustain human life in a dignified fashion…

…and what exactly are the THREE magic ingredients to a long happy and incredibly fulfilling life?

The Answer is SEX, VIOLENCE AND ZOMBIES!! It is a well known scientific fact that human beings can survive almost indefinitely without food, water or even clean underwear as long as these three things are provided in abundance… and my goal here at PBZV! is to make sure YOU have enough of all three to live forever!

From the Zombie Film Dawn of the Dead, Portrait of a Perfect Head ShotSo welcome to PBZV! This site is a Temple and a Shrine to the Holiest of capital “H” Holies – the undeniably awesome world of Zombiriffic Mayhem. Here we (and by “we” I mean you and I and the PBZV! community) are fully dedicated to collecting and sharing the best of the best and the coolest of the cool of everything related to Sex, Violence and Flesh Eating Corpses.

The “Art” of Zombie

More than anything else, PBZV! will be focusing on the artistic side of the Undead phenomenon. So, if you are an evil creative genius, this is a place where you will be worshiped like the awesome God or Goddess you are. Artists, authors, musicians, directors and models from around the world can showcase your sickest, goriest and sexiest masterpieces for the world to see.

Zombie from the movie, White ZombieWhether you perpetuate the madness, or simply worship the work of those who do, this site was created for you. Think of it as your Temple – a place where everything unsacred is sacred. A place where it is okay to let go and bask in the gory glory of infinite carnage.

Yes, this site was created for you. It is constantly growing because of you. Enter. Enjoy. Participate.

All the best!



Cotton Candy Vodka: Sometimes even those most brain dead of Zombies gets thirsty for a delicious flavored vodka mixed drink. Why not try one of these delicious Cotton Candy Vodka recipes, like maybe the refreshingly intoxicating Cotton Candy Martini. I mean, what the heck – your brain is rotting out of your Zombie head anyway right?

And if you have even on single living brain cell left in your head, you should check out Bob and Arlyta’s eVodkaDrinks.com, your e-ssential vodka drinks authority. Bob and Arlyta are professional drinkers with PhD’s in Vodkology and have conducted countless hours of research in the field of vodka drinking technology. Honestly, they can’t remember half of it, but they will certainly bullshit their way through any vodka or vodka mixed drinks related questions you may have!

Zombie Artwork
The PBZV! Zombie Artwork page is here to pay tribute to the creative geniuses who are helping us to dream a more perfect Zombie nightmare.

Zombie Drawings
Few things in the world are better than great pen or pencil work. This is the PBZV! Tribute to Zombie Drawings.

Zombie Movies: More Addictive Than Crack Cocaine
In a world full of faggy, tear-jerking chick-flicks, Zombie Movies provide an oasis of refreshing, satisfying (and dangerously addictive!) entertainment..

The PBZV! Zombie Movie List
Here it is – the PBZV! Zombie Movie List – a fantastically huge List of Zombie Movies… possibly every zombie movie ever made!!!

Zombie Books!
Zombie Books are far more than just pale shadows of Zombie Movies. …

PBZV! Zombie Book List
The PBZV! Zombie Book List!!! A Zombie Scholars Dream. Try to read them all… I dare you!!!

Zombie Porn
Okay all you sickos!! Here it is… the PBZV! Zombie Porn List.

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