28 Days Later

PBZV! Review of 28 Days Later (2002)

28 Day Later Movie Poster, Zombie Movie Although 28 Days Later is not your typical Zombie movie, it is a very welcome addition to the genre. The main premise of the story involves an experimental virus. It only takes about 20 seconds from the time someone is infected with the Rage virus until they are permanently thrown into a frothing murderous rage. A bite or a single drop of blood from an infected person can transmit the virus. With such a fast infection rate, and such eager transmitters, it doesn’t take long (i.e. less than 28 days) for the virus to decimate the population of London (and, one might presume, the rest of the world). 28 Days Later, Mailer the zombieThe zombies in this movie – the infected – are among the creepiest ever created. They are not only extremely pissed off, but they are also extremely fast, sprinting at top speed after any living humans they might encounter. This makes survival a little trickier than with the more traditional slow moving corpses.

Personally, I watch this movie just so I can fall in love with Selena (Naomie Harris) all over again. She is certainly one of the most hardcore machete-wielding, zombie-killing badasses you will ever see. And so sexy! I mean watching her hack up her friend on the mere suspicion of being infected is as touching and erotic of a moment as a psychopath like myself could ever hope or wish to see (lol)!

Selena, 28 days later, crying But really all the characters in this movie are superbly done. The emaciated and rather strange looking Jim’s (Cilian Murphy) character is a perfect match for the post-apocalyptic feel of the film – can’t imagine anyone who would have been more perfect for the role. Frank (Brendan Gleesan) and his teenage daughter Hannah (Megan Burns) add a down-to-earth aspect, and ultimately the movie works on many levels and leaves a lasting impression. Definitely one of my all time faves.

28 Days Later, Jim, Frank and Selina And for a movie with absolutely no gratuitous sex to make it onto my personal favorites list – particularly one that relies so heavily on projecting a melancholy atmosphere of near hopeless desperation – it has to provide something that other such movies (e.g. I Am Legend, 2007) fail to deliver. 28 Days Later delivers on many levels. Highly recommended.

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