City of the Dead by Brian Keene (2005)

by Zombobwe

City of the Dead, Zombie Books by Brian Keene

By now, I’m sure I’ve made it clear that I am absolute zombie fanatic, and nothing revs my motor like zombie books.

The next stop on my nightmarish train ride was City of the Dead by author Brian Keene. Much like Dying to Live by Kim Paffenroth, my last foray into the genre, City of the Dead tells the tale of a group of people struggling to survive amongst armies of the undead.

Slowly feeling as if there is solace left to turn to, the group prepares their last push back against the blood-thirsty monsters terrorizing the city. Led by Ob, the group takes up refuge in a skyscraper, Ramsey Tower, a structure said to be “indestructible.”

All in all, City of the Dead is violent, graphic, and absolutely brilliant, and while I would have preferred the book to continue on forever, Brian Keene wastes no time or space amongst the 357 outstanding pages.

City of the Dead, much like its predecessor, Rising, is a well-written, violent tale of terror that proves to be a perfect match for any dedicated fan of the genre. Highly recommended from yours truly.

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