Dawn of the Dead (Original 1978 Version)

by sixthcircle

From Dawn of the Dead, Zombie Movies.

As zombie movies go, the original Dawn of the Dead is a fantastically grim look at our society in near apocalyptic setting. To me the main themes of this film are our obsession with consumerism and the self-centered nature of man in the modern age.

Even when presented with the horrifying prospect of flesh eating zombies, people still care about petty things.

Romero continues his cutting commentary on man’s mistreatment of each other even when faced with an enemy that should unite us. He displays this best with the invasion of homicidal bikers that ruin the well laid plans of the protagonists.

I would recommend this movie to anyone that has an interest in quality zombie movie, the only caveat is that the months of time in the middle where things are going well is a very drawn out segment of the film and may annoy some viewers.

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