Dawna of the Dead

Dawna of the Dead (2010) – a Zombie Porn Masterpiece

-Directed by Laume Conroy

Dawna of the Dead, Poster: Zombie Porn MasterpieceDawna of the Dead is an amalgamation of a Zombie horror film and a hardcore adult sex film. For lack of any better term, we are referring to it as Zombie Porn here at PBZV! The DVD is being released by Film Trauma just in time for Halloween 2010.

The earliest seed of the idea for the movie dates way back to 1993 in the form of a script called Darkest Before Dawn which was written by the director Laume Conroy (you can read our interview with Laume below). Laume later rewrote Darkest Before Dawn to better fit the idea of a hardcore adult horror film.

It is quite likely that Dawna of the Dead would have been the first full length Zombie Porn flick ever produced had there had not been a few bumps in the road while bringing the film to market. The filming was actually completed some time ago and premiered at the Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles back in August 2008. Suffice it to say the DVD has been a long time coming!

Dawna of the Dead… A Porno With a Plot?

Dawna of the Dead, Zombie Porn, Poster1Actually, I’m told by people who claim to know about such things that practically all adult films have plots of some sort in them – it’s that just most people miss them because they are too busy fast forwarding to the “good parts”. Even so, for better or for worse, Dawna of the Dead is going to have a considerably stronger plot sequence than most of the other adult films you may have encountered.

Without giving too much away (as if that were even remotely possible, lol), the basic plot of the movie has to do with the bereaved Dawna, who remains obsessed with her boyfriend after his death. As luck would have it, the dearly departed boyfriend is buried at the Eveningside Cemetary – which just so happens to be located on top of one of the nine gates that lead to the Kingdom of Hell (actually the sixth one in case anybody is wondering!).

Well, as always seems to happen when otherwise intelligent young women get involved with dead guys who are buried on top of one of the gates to Hell, Dawna fools around and manages to open the freaking gate. Next thing you know, corpses are crawling our of their graves and Dawna (along with some of her sexy friends) are trapped in the cemetary with a bunch of angry, hungry, well-endowed Zombies with somewhat less than good intentions on their rotten minds… and that’s when the fun really begins!

Interview with Laume Conroy Director of Dawna of the Dead

We were lucky enough to catch up with Director Laume Conroy just before the DVD release of his Adult Horror film Dawna of the Dead. Laume has been a serious photographer since the 1990′s and has since turned to film to express his artistic talents. A quick check at IMDB shows his name associated with a number of projects in various capacities. He is also an artist and an animator and has completed a number of animated projects ranging from kids cartoons to adult themed fare. Here’s what Laume had to tell us about the filming of Dawna…

Dawna of the Dead, Zombie Porn, Poster2Bxb:Obviously you didn’t intend for Dawna of the Dead to be just another porno flick. From an artist’s perspective, what exactly were you trying to accomplish with Dawna?

Laume: Its funny that you ask that question because its not one I get asked allot. What sparked in my head before I even came up with the initial idea was that I wanted to make the most offensive movie I could. And so I decided the best way to accomplish that goal would be to mix hardcore sex and violence.

Bxb: Haha, spoken like a true tortured artist! I get the impression that you are the kind of person who has a very clear vision of how you want a project to turn out before you even start it. How close did Dawna of the Dead come to fulfilling the vision you had for it (did it meet or exceed your expectations)?

Laume: I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I started. The idea was scripted and story boarded, down to the sex scenes. However there were several “bumps” along the road, like rewrites and general compromises. However, when I watched the final cut I was pleased with the outcome of the project… Even if it didn’t much resemble the initial idea. lol.

Bxb: So, when you decided you wanted to make an adult horror film, why did you decide to go with Zombies, rather than, say, vampires or werewolves (other than the fact that vampires and werewolves are gay as hell! lol)?

Laume: That’s actually exactly why I went with zombies, the vampire thing seemed lame and played out. I did tool around with the idea of a monster for a second there. Since I was a kid I love zombies because they freak me out. I’ll admit, the thought of a rotted corpse raping a chic is a repulsive turn on!

Dawna of the Dead, Zombie Porn, MausoleumBxb: As I’m sure it is for everyone! lol. Okay, what was the craziest thing that happened during the filming of Dawna of the Dead?

Laume: I’d have to say the craziest was when Aiden Starr had stage blood in her mouth and she was supposed to spit it out but she kept swallowing it. She got sick from all the blood and started gagging and throwing up during the scene and we actually had to stop. I did however use some of the footage in the final cut. In another scene she was biting and ripping open intestines and she ripped them open. the foam filling stuck all to her pussy, which was covered in stage blood. It was like she was tarred & feathered. lol

Bxb: What is your favorite scene from Dawna of the Dead?

Laume: On the adult level, I really like the 3-way at the ending with Roxxy and Ginger Cash. On more of a horror level I really like the scene when the zombies all come out of their graves. I feel it came together really well and it looks and feels like a late 70’s/early 80’s Italian zombie film, which is exactly what I was going for.

Bxb: I know you’ve had a rough time bringing this film to the public and it has taken a lot longer than hoped or expected. If you were starting over from scratch, is there anything you would do differently?

Laume: For sure, no business partners or investors. I wasted so much time waiting for bogus investors to write checks and shitty partners to steal them. lol. But seriously, I’d just do it all myself.

Bxb: What is your opinion about the future of Horror Porn? Judging from the response you’ve seen thus far, do you get the feeling the genre has any legs?

Laume: It seems that the horror porn and the parody porn genre have merged and given both branches a new lease. We’ll see where it goes because I expected it to be dead by now.lol

Bxb. Any advice for up and coming filmmakers who might be fantasizing about undertaking such a project?

Laume: Don’t! lol. make a straight porno or a mainstream horror film. Both are much easier to get out there. But if you were dead set on doing it then have a strong idea, watch the other titles out there and do your best to make something good.

Bxb: Certainly you’ve got great things in the works… What’s on the horizon for Laume Conroy? Can we expect anything more along the same lines as Dawna of the Dead?

Laume: There were so many ideas that were in the original script that never made it into the movie that I’d love to make a sequel to Dawna and put all those f-ed up ideas in it.

Bxb: My girlfriend wants to know: What kind of things does Laume dream about at night?

Laume: My cats.

Bxb: Hmmm… I think I’m going to leave that one alone entirely!!! Okay, how about some final thoughts or words of wisdom… anything else you’d like to tell our readers?

Laume: If you don’t have Dawna… go get it. You need this in your collection. Its something you can put with your regular horror movies and not bury in the drawer with the rest of your porn.


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