Day By Day Armageddon by J.L. Bourne (2007)

by Zombobwe

Day By Day Armageddon Zombie Books Cover

After finishing the outstanding survival guide to the zombie apocalypse known only as The Zombie Survival Guide – already one of the classic zombie books ever to be written – not only was I able aptly prepared for the eventual onslaught, but I took the fast route into the fray myself with J.L. Bourne’s Day by Day Armageddon.

Now, before you go ahead and even consider that Bourne might simply be out to cash in on Max Brooks’ aforementioned monster, be completely and totally aware that Bourne did nothing short of knock it out of the park with Armageddon. Beautifully detailed down to a hair, Day by Day Armageddon is, you guessed it, a day by day account of one man’s constant struggle for survival.

Imaginative, dark, dreary, and stunningly real, Bourne has created his own monster, one whose presence comes as nothing short of a welcome nightmare. Rest assured, while I may not be an acclaimed critic or an established member of the media under the scrutiny of the public eye, Day by Day Armageddon comes with my most glowing stamp of approval, highest recommendation, and any other worthwhile accolade you want to stamp on there. Go get this sucker, and don’t miss a minute of the nightmare.

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