HATER by David Moody (2006)

by Zombobwe

hater by david moody zombie books

After reading Chuck Palaniuk’s “Haunted” a few years ago, I have been constantly searching for more great zombie books. More blood, more guts, more suspense, fear, sickness…

I first heard about “Hater” while web searching for new book ideas. I immediately noticed Hater’s positive reviews. What was especially interesting was reading that Moody originally wrote the book as a blog, which was read and picked up by the director Guillermo Deltoro who will be turning it in to a movie.

Hater is honest, gritty, real and most of all- filled with disgusting zombie brutality. Told through the view of the narrator, Hater tells the story of a town slowly being divided when random acts of violence and murders arise.

Without giving too much away, Hater tells the story of the main character’s struggle with the barriers between right and wrong and life and death. This is an extremely creative, edgy book that you won’t want to put down. I can’t wait for the movie!

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