King Of The Zombies (1941) (mini review)

by Gates Ford
(Idaho, US)

king of the zombies, zombie movies

It’s black and white, it’s hilarious, it’s scary, it’s a historical timepiece to be treasured forever.

Editor’s note: Thanks for the sumbission – I made a point to sit down and watch this zombie movie a couple of weeks ago and have to admit it was pretty dang funny. Mantan Moreland, pictured in the middle above, basically carries the whole show. Now, if you’ve ever heard that saying about “if this gon’ be that kinda party i’ma stick my d!ck in the mashed potatoes…”, well that orinally came from Mantan Moreland on his comedy album “That Ain’t My Finger.” Although, for the most part, his style of acting and brand of humor went out of favor during the civil rights movement, and is certainly still considered offensive by some these days, his talent and charisma are still undeniable – and it does take charisma to get down with a bowl of mashed potatoes like that. This movie is worth watching for the historical perspective if nothing else. Classic Voodoo Zombies. Enjoy!


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