Planet Terror (2007)

Planet Terror, Zombie Movies (2007), Rose McGowan

When it comes to Zombie Movies, Planet Terror is a prime example of the true Power and Grandeur of the Holy Trinity of Sex, Violence and Zombies and this is definitely one of the best zombie movies ever made. Here we have one of the hottest women on the planet (Rose McGowan as Cherry Darling) battling legions biochemically induced zombies with her machine-gun peg-leg. If that doesn’t make you cream your jeans, then you had better check your pulse – you might have become a zombie yourself! Add some killer cameo appearances by the likes of Bruce Willis, Quentin Tarantino, and Fergie and you have one of the most entertaining movies ever created.

rose mcgowan leg shot, zombie movies In the context of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s Grindhouse double feature (which includes Planet Terror and Death Proof), this movie is an absolute classic. Their idea was to recreate the experience of watching a double feature at some cheesy 1970′s movie house. I went to see the Grindhouse double feature five times while it was in the theaters. Each time, I was transported back to a time when movies really were, beat up and scratchy looking, with skips in the scenes where the film had melted and had been spliced back together – and even whole reels would sometimes be missing (sorry for the inconvenience)!!!

bruce willis in planet terror, zombie movies The feeling of being in a time warp was uncanny. Everything from the showing of the “Restricted, Limited Admission” cougar logo, to the cheesy intermission music added to the feeling – and the fake trailers were hilarious. And of course all of this was spun into the production of a two brand new movies, so it didn’t come across as some kind of nostalgia – it felt more like deja vu. It was magical.

planet terror elevator scene, zombie movies Of course, if you were not born in time to have actually experienced the joys of a 1970′s B-movie theater or drive-in (consider yourself lucky!!) then you would have missed out on the full effect of that magical dejavu feeling provided by the Grindhouse experience. However, Planet Terror stands very well on it’s own. Even taken completely out of the context of Grindhouse – and even if someone were totally bewildered by the aging effects, the scratchy scenes, and the missing “reel” – this is still one rockin good zombie movie.

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