Resident Evil Afterlife 3D (2010)

by Psycho Bob

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Resident Evil Afterlife foreign movie poster, zombie movies


Just got back from seeing Resident Evil Afterlife 3D (the latest installment in the Resident Evil series of zombie movies) at the local IMAX. After waiting all summer to see this flick, I was really hoping the latest installment in the Resident Evil Franchise wouldn’t be too awfully disappointing. While I doubt there will be much positive buzz from serious film critics, my overall opinion is that the music was great and the film was basically packed full of just the kind of post apocalyptic eye candy that gets suckers like me to go back to the big screen again and again.

Perhaps it was just the particular theater I attended, but I have to say that I was not overly impressed with the quality of the 3D in this movie. Not to say it was particularly bad, but it seemed a bit hard to keep in focus a lot of the time – which was all the more noticeable due to a mild headache that has been nagging me for the last couple of days (and which wasn’t so mild by the end of the movie!). But to be perfectly fair, I have heard other people raving about the 3D in this film and it certainly wasn’t as awful as Clash of the Titans (which, as it turns out, was merely “enhanced” into 3d after being filmed in 2D – yuck!). May have to check this movie out at the full-sized, real-deal IMAX downtown before passing final judgment on that count.

Also, the story line wasn’t exactly spectacular. No unanticipated plot twists or out of body experiences for the viewer. And even worse, Milla Jovovich, who stars as Alice, and who is still a long ways away from outgrowing her phenomenal brand of sexiness, hardly showed any skin at all – as she so well in the previous installments – a perfectly unforgivable sin in my humble opinion!!

However, in spite of the negatives mentioned in the last two paragraphs, I still have to say that I liked – maybe even loved – Resident Evil Afterlife 3D. It was like going to the amusement park and riding that roller coaster you’ve ridden a hundred times before. Nothing new, nothing surprising, and you can anticipate every turn… Yet you still pay your money and get on the ride because you love it and will gladly do it again, even after a better one gets built right next to it. This movie was far more like an old favorite roller coaster than a new exciting one. Nothing really new or heart-stopping. But dangit I’ll gladly ride it again and again – and Milla Jovovich too if she’ll just return my calls ;-) )

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