Reviews for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith

by Curtangel
(Oklahoma City, OK)

The first time I passed by this book I literally stopped and backed up. I bought it on the spot. The wonderfully done woodcuts were the final straw when deciding whether or not to buy this book. The idea of setting a zombie story in 19th century England with zombie-killing sisters is awesome enough, but for fans of the original Pride and Prejudice there are many little nods to appreciate.

Grahame-Smith creates an interesting world for his characters to inhabit – with deft hints at a larger story that we’re only getting part of. I was fairly familiar with the original, so I was worried there would be no major surprises. I was wrong – a character becomes infected, parties are invaded, travel is tense with what might happen. Outside of the camp and quirk value, this book used an angle on zombies I haven’t seen before.

I hope more authors take up the gauntlet and write “period” zombie books (re-purposing a public domain work is funny once – I mean original stuff).

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith

by nic

I adore this book (the original by Jane Austin) and love films involving the undead. So Pride and Prejudice and Zombies appeared to be a match made my ‘classic made slightly trashy’ heaven. Unfortunately I didn’t take into consideration that reading a mash-up of a book that I know almost word for word and love would leave me feeling as though Mr Grahame-Smith had defiled it. Reading about Jane and Elizabeth beheading zombies had me giggling initially. As I continued reading the manner in which the novel was treated started to annoy me and even though I persisted with the reading I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone that loves the original text.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

by lookitskoti

Originally written by Jane Austen (Altered by Seth Smith ) There was lots of potential for this book, yet they failed miserably. They destroyed the characters and also the basis of zombies. The zombies where scared off easily, and thought veggies where brains. They where stupid as could be, but still craved brains. I think there was so many things they could have done and paths they could have taken to make this a great story and it truly fell through the cracks. It is sad but hopefully someone else can do another book like this but do it better and maybe put more into it.

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