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Max Brooks – World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War

by Sean
(Costa Rica)

When it comes to zombie books, this one is worth definitely checking out. The Zombie war is over, a relative state of peace is starting to come back to the world, but the scars it has left will never disappear. Even worse than WW2, the zombie wars were devastating; just imagine an enemy who will do anything to get to you, who stops neither for hunger or exhaustion, and takes the fallen from your armies, and turns them into yet another enemy.

Zombies, they devastated our society, but now they are gone, and a journalist travels the globe collecting oral accounts of what happened, what went wrong, and how we survived. Very different from the comedy in the Zombie Survival Guide, in WWZ Max brooks brings us a story of devastation and horror, not so much from the zombies, but coming from the very core of our humanity.

What really gets to me from this book is the very honest look at what humans will do when they need to, and the faults in our society. Brooks has managed to bring zombies out of the terror and sci-fi genres and use them as a tool to write on the human condition. The epistolary novel style allows for a rawness of emotion that would never get across on any other kind of novel, halfway through the book, you start to feel as if WWZ really happened, it really doesn’t read like fiction.

It does have a problem though, Brooks, however good a writer he may be, does not write foreign characters very well. Specially the Japanese narrator, i found that section to be a completely westernized vision of the mind of a japanese person, not very believable when the chapter is about something as deep and personal as survival under the worst of conditions. Overall, a very well written, interesting, novel that will change the way you see the world around you (and that is to say a lot, for zombie fiction).

World War Z By Max Brooks

by Stu

This is an absolutly superb book! It is a “cronicle” of the zombie apocolypse that nearly ended man kind, it is written in the style of interviews conducted by a UN employee interviewing survivors of the war.

Starting at the first cases of the infection, to “The Great Panic” and the following years after the war. People interviewd include soldiers doctors, and civilians, asking them how they survived and what sort of things they encountered along the way.

I could not put the book down, however, i found a few of the interviews harder to get through than the others, but they are all superbly written. Max Brooks is an absolutly superb auther, i would strongly recommend this book to anyone who has read Brooks’ first book “The Zombie Survival Guide”, to anyone who enjoys zombie films, and to anyone who enjoys a good read!

World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks

by anonymous

This book is about an outbreak of zombies, stemming from one instance in a small tribe and spreading to the entire world. It’s written in a very factual manner, taking the stance that the outbreak is approached like a war (hence the title, World War Z).

The story is told through a collection of experiences told by people throughout the war, which gives the book an eerily real feeling. You hear about people trying to escape with their lives (including the creation of a hand weapon called a Lobo, named for it’s purpose of destroying the brains of the zombies like a lobotomy), officials trying to decide how to approach the epidemic, and even about the aftermaths of the war.

The details are amazing and makes the reader feel as if the events could actually happen.

World War Z by Max Brooks (2007)

by Zombobwe

World War Z is the successor to Max Brooks’ outstanding, breakthrough seller The Zombie Survival Guide, but how exactly does World War Z compare to its forefather? It steps up to plate, takes its swing, and knocks one out of the park. Scribed as a detailed journey through the zombie apocalypse, World War Z recounts an unnamed author’s incredible interviews with various survivors of the nightmare, and while some of the stories may occasionally blend together, most are downright thrilling. World War Z will take you to each and every corner of the globe as you read grueling stories from war-torn veterans that only just managed to escape. If I may say so myself, Brooks has outdone himself with World War Z, and as with The Zombie Survival Guide, Z is on shelves bearing my highest recommendation and badge of approval.

World War Z by: Max Brooks

by Andrew George

This book is composed of multiple short stories of individuals from all over the world. Each story is entirely separate from the others, but as the book continues, the story progresses a little bit at a time. The stories go from the initial outbreak, all the way to the war that ensues between the humans and the undead.

I have seen a lot of zombie movies and have been a George A. Romero fan for quite some time. This book was the greatest piece of zombie literature since the Zombie Survival Handbook, if not better. I would fully recommend this book for anyone who loves zombies and does not have a weak stomach.

World War Z, Max Brooks


World War Z is a chillingly believable account of a world besieged with the undead in an unspecified near future date. The story is told as interviews with key figures in this war, giving detailed and thought provoking perspectives of the war from around the world, and is ordered to roughly explain the course of the war from start to finish.

As such, as well as the overall narrative of the Zombie War, it also contains a number of thrilling smaller narratives involving the characters interviewed, ranging from civilians, to soldiers, to scientists, all whilst building a deeper and more detailed view of the world in which this war is happening.

Without wanting to give too much away, World War Z builds tension right from the beginning and doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the numerous brilliant climaxes, though the final ending does seem to resolve too quickly. Essentially, if you want a realistic, character focused and gripping read about a zombie apocalypse, I can’t recommend this book enough.

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