The First Resident Evil (2002)

by Zed Clampett
(Beverly Hills)

resident evil, zombie movies

Resident Evil was the first in the series of zombie movies based on the popular video games, and it was by far the best! This movie has all kinds of terror lurking around each corner, and it has one of the best starting “amnesia” elements I’ve witnessed in a movie.

resident evil series of zombie movies

When it’s the first time you’re seeing it, you’re really unsure of what’s going on, and how any of the characters are involved. But when you find out just what you didn’t know, you’re in for a real surprise!

The movie takes itself away from the games, but that actually wasn’t a bad thing in this movie. It has an incredible soundtrack, the effects weren’t terrible for its time, and the acting is pretty good. Not to mention the main actress is smoking hot!

This is a great movie if you like zombie thrillers, or if you just liked the Resident Evil video games!

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