The Orpheus Process by Daniel Gower (1992)

by Desiree

the orpheus process cover, zombie books

I bought this because I love anything zombie related and zombie books are no exception. I’m a zombie fanatic. I thought that even if this book was horrible i would still at least get kicks out of the zombie parts. I was wrong. This book was a horrid pile of slop. The writer has to be a Stephen King fan because you could tell that he was trying to write just like him but he failed. The part about the zombie monkey having an erection was just ridiculous, Stephen king can somehow get away with things like that but Daniel Gower just doesn’t have the talent to get away with it. The characters were not believable and i know that i couldn’t relate to any of them. The plot was two dimensional and bland. There was no character development, but the thing that really killed it for me was that there was hardly any zombie action. Overall a complete waste of paper.

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