The Zombie Movie Encyclopedia by Peter Dendle

by Zombobwe (aka Brandon)
from Zombezi (aka Toronto!))

The Zombie Movie Encyclopedia (cover art), Zombie Books

Before bed last night, I asked myself a question: what on Earth was I waiting for? Right before I drifted off to sleep, I decided to sink my teeth into The Zombie Movie Encyclopedia by Peter Dendle, a reported “zombie-lover’s necessity” I purchased quite a while back.

Upon opening it, I couldn’t believe my eyes. While not a book by the traditional meaning of the word, The Zombie Movie Encyclopedia is an absolutely outstanding piece of “literature.” The title describes the contents down to a hair, as The Zombie Movie Encyclopedia outlines, breaks down, and informs readers of every zombie film known to man. Starting with what the guide refers to as “The Early Film Zombie,” and finally, coming to rest on “The Stabilizing of the Contemporary Zombie Mythos.” Also, interestingly enough, The Zombie Movie Encyclopedia offers alternate titles (many of which I had never heard before) for handfuls of the movies given, as well as a quick way to help you find the movies that you would be most interested in.

A friend of mine put it best when referred to my trusty little guidebook as a “gift from the heavens.” Take my word for it when I say that it would be downright foolish for any zombie lover to be without this book in their collection. No, you don’t get to read any nightmarish tales of terror, but it sure does offer ample suggestions as to where to watch them. Outstanding purchase, highly recommended.

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