Third Resident Evil: Resident Evil Extinction

by Zed Clampett
(Beverly Hills)

resident evil extinction, zombie movies

resident evil extinction movie poster, zombie moviesResident Evil: Extinction was the third movie in the series, and it was probably the worst. It starts off entirely focused on the same chick from the first two movies, Alice.

This time there are a lot of other people with her, and you’re kind of confused as to what’s going on. But, it’s pretty cool to see the intensity of their fighting nice and early on.

A lot happens, really quickly, in the beginning of the movie. Then it starts to slow down, and the writing takes a weird direction. Suddenly Alice is more than she seems, and you’re sort of confused, then you realize she was in control all along, or was she? It’s probably the biggest twist movie, and it was definitely not lacking any action, but most of the fighting is later on with no zombies.

Still, if you’re going to watch the first two movies, and want to see the fourth, you have to see this one!

Not exactly from the zombie movies, but check out Milla (Alice)... nice boots huh?

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