White Zombie (1932)

by Arlyta Cherry Darling

white zombie movie poster, zombie movies

Once again, money does not win the pretty girl, Madeline! Evil (Béla Lugosi) tries his hand at it, and loses too! Since White Zombie is from 1932, it features the VooDoo type zombies. WOW! Can you believe Béla Lugosi’s name in the move is: Murder Legendre?

Anyway, the rich guy, Charles Beaumont, had fallen in love with the pretty girl while she was on a cruise with her fiancé. Charles invites Madeline and Neil back to his Haiti plantation where they may get married AND he’ll pay for the whole wedding. DUH – little suspicious – don’t you think? Well, everything goes down hill (or over the cliff) from there.

I liked this movie. I’ve never seen so much “Evil Eye” used before! Now I know where my mom got it from!!! I hope you enjoy this movie as much as I did.

And I just want to say that even tho these aren’t the flesh eating, bloody, brain hungry zombies ~ I still loved ‘em!!! I’m sure happy I found this movie in my Horror Classics collection.

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