Zombie Artwork by ZomBree

Zombie Killer – Zombie Artwork by ZomBree

zombie killer by zombree, zombie drawing, zombie artwork
(Image used by permission. All rights reserved.)

Okay, so I know exactly what your eyes are automatically drawn to when you first look at this artfully depicted scene, but I’d really like you to pay attention to some of the other more subtle details. Yes, I know it’s very hard to ignore the sleek, sexy, perfectly shaped form of the… Mossberg M500 6-Shot, Pistol-grip, Pump-action Shotgun – not to mention the classic Walther P38 Handgun. However, if you look VERY closely, you may also notice something very interesting about what Zombie Killer is wearing… Yes, believe it or not, that is actually a Swedish military grade Forsheda F2 Respirator!

Now, in the midst of all that awesomeness, unless you have highly refined artistic tastes, you probably didn’t even notice the knee-high leather boots, the fishnet stockings or even the provocative positioning of the handgun. But personally, as someone with a highly developed artistic eye myself, I sometimes feel that what is NOT shown in a work of art is just as important as what is. And the fact that there is absolultely nothing blocking our view of Zombie Killer’s perfect 38 C tits is the absolute Coup de Grace for this work of art… IMHO, of course. Nice going ZomBree!

PsychoZomby by ZomBree

psychozomby by zombree, zombie drawings, zombie artwork
(Image used by permission. All rights reserved.)

As someone whose first name is also “Psycho”, I feel a certain brotherly kinship with this cuddly little PsychoZomby girl. Yes, she has a few bats in her belfry, but that only adds to her perfectly irresistable charm. No need to RSVP PsychoZomby girl – you are always invited to the party.

ZomBree – Self Portrait

zombie self portrait by zombree, zombie drawings, zombie artwork
(Image used by permission. All rights reserved.)

As most of you know, I am a sucker for awesome 1960′s style psychedelic colors as well as for partially-decayed tattooed girls in peace-sign bikinis, so as you can imagine, this lovely drawing has my heart all aflutter… if she had just managed to fit a chainsaw, a bazooka or a John Deere tractor in there somewhere, I would certainly be proposing marriage – or some other equally infernal form of eternal damnation – by the end of the night! ;-)

ZomBree – In The (Decayed) Flesh

ZomBree Zombie Artist Zombie Girl

ZomBree (aka Bree) is a 20 year old psychotic zombie girl from Arizona who has a passion for art, brains and human flesh… and what’s not to love about all that? ZomBree does do commisioned artwork, so if you would be interested in having ZomBree do an original zombie portrait of you or a loved one from pictures for a very reasonable price, then don’t hesitate to contact her by email at: bsharp101(at)yahoo.com.

- Bxb

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