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Welcome to the PBZV! Zombie Book List!!!

You asked for Zombie Books? Well, feast your eyes on the PBZV! Zombie Book List! More books than a mere mortal (who has anything resembling a life…) could possibly read in a single lifetime!

I honestly had NO IDEA there were so freaking many books about Zombies until I began compiling this list – and people are telling me about more almost every day! Be sure to shoot me a note if you happen see anything that needs to be added or changed!

And don’t forget to tell us all about the Zombie Books you have read… your fellow Zombie loving freaks can’t wait to hear about them!

And a word to the wise – as you go wandering through the forest of books listed below, please be careful not to get yourself lost… we’ve had to send out more than one search party (and what we found was usually not very pretty!).

The Zombie Book List

The following list of Zombie Books is sortable and searchable for your convenience.

After Twilight: Walking with the DeadTravis Adkins2008
Aftermath of the DeadGregoru Smith2005
Apocalypse End: Reign of the DeadLen Barnhart2004
As The World Dies: The First Days: A Zombie TrilogyRhiannon Frater2008
AutumnDavid Moody2005
Autumn: DisintegrationDavid Moody2011
Autumn: PurificationDavid Moody2005
Autumn: The Human ConditionDavid Moody2005
Autumn:The CityDavid Moody2005
Axiom-man Episode 1: The Dead LandA.P. Fuchs2008
BerserkTim Lebbon2006
Bits of the DeadKeith Gouveia ed.2008
Blood CrazySimon Clark2001
Blood of the Dead trilogyA.P. Fuchs2008
BoneshakerCherie Priest2009
Book Of All FleshJames Lowder2001
Book of Final FleshJames Lowder2003
Book Of More FleshJames Lowder2002
Book of the DeadJohn Skipp, Craig Spector Editors1989
Breathers: A Zombie's LamentBrowne, S. G.2009
Breeze HorrorCandace Caponegro1988
CellKing, Stephen2006
Chronicles of the Apocalypse: SpeciesMichael McBride2007
City of the DeadKeene, Brian2005
Cluck: Murder Most FowlEric D. Knapp2007
CobbleEric S. Brown2005
Dark ResurrectionJohn A. Karr2007
Darkening, The Chandler McGrew2004
Day by Day ArmageddonJ.L. Bourne2007
Dead CityAnthony Giangregorio2007
Dead CityJoe McKinney2006
Dead EndAnthony Giangregorio2007
Dead HarvestAnthony Giangregorio2008
Dead Men (and Women) WalkingJulie Ann Dawson editor2006
Dead MourningAnthony Giangregorio2008
Dead RageAnthony Giangregorio2007
Dead RainAnthony Giangregorio2007
Dead SeaKeene, Brian2007
Dead Shall Inherit the EarthVince Churchill2001
Dead Walk Diaries: NightJoe Young2007
Dead WaveAnthony Giangregorio2007
Dead, The Mark E. Rogers2001
DeadfallAnthony Giangregorio2007
DeadfreezeAnthony Giangregorio2007
DeadlandsScott A. Johnson2005
Death TroopersJoe Schreiber2009
DeathbringerBryan Smith2006
Down the RoadBowie Ibarra2006
Down the Road: On the Last DayBowie Ibarra2006
Dying to Live: A Novel of Life Among the UndeadKim Paffenroth2007
EdenTony Monchinski2008
EmpireDavid Dunwoody2008
ErebusShaun Hutson1992
Eve of the DeadNathan Tucker2007
Every Sigh, the End Jason S. Hornsby2007
FeedMira Grant2010
Fog, The James Herbert2003
Forest of Hands and TeethRyan, Carrie2009
Generation DeadWaters, Daniel2008
Handling the UndeadLindqvist, John Ajvide2005
Happy Hour of the DamnedMark Henry2008
HaterDavid Moody2006
Het Madden, A Zombie Perspective: Book One: WRATH 2012 - Calvin A. L. Miller II2009
History Is DeadKim Paffenroth2007
I Kissed a Zombie, and I Liked It Adam Selzer2010
I, Zombie Curt Selby1982
Kiss of LifeWaters, Daniel2009
Land of the DeadChris Ryall2006
Long Horn, Big Shaggy Steve Vernon2004
Married with ZombiesJesse Petersen2010
Missing, The Sarah Langan2007
Mondo ZombieJohn Skipp Editor2006
Monster IslandWellington, David2006
Monster NationWellington, David2006
Monster PlanetWellington, David2007
MoonlightKeith Knapp2007
MoonwalkerRick Hautala2007
Night BoatRobert R. Mccammon1980
Night of the Living DeadJohn A. Russo1981
Not Flesh Nor FeathersCherie Priest2007
Patient Zero: A Joe Ledger NovelMaberry, Jonathan2009
Paul Is Undead: The British Zombie InvasionGoldsher, Alan2010
Pet SemataryStephen King2001
Phoenix GeneTerry Webb2007
Plague of the Dead: The Morningstar StrainRecht, Z. A.2006
Pride and Prejudice and ZombiesGrahame-Smith, Seth2009
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the DreadfulsSteve Hockensmith2010
Project Phoenix: Dead RisingDarrin Patterson2003
Queen, The Eric S. Brown2006
Reign of the DeadLen Barnhart2004
Resident Evil: Caliban CovePerry, S.D.1998
Resident Evil: City of the DeadPerry, S.D.1999
Resident Evil: Code VeronicaPerry, S.D.2001
Resident Evil: NemesisPerry, S.D.2000
Resident Evil: The Umbrella ConspiracyPerry, S.D.1998
Resident Evil: UnderworldPerry, S.D.1999
Resident Evil: Zero HourPerry, S.D.2004
Resurrection Game, The Mike Watt2002
Rise and WalkGregory Solis2007
RisenJ. Knight2004
Road Trip of the Living DeadMark Henry2009
Roses of Blood on Barbwire VinesD. L. Snell2007
Song of the Living DeadSoren Narnia2003
Steel Breakfast Era: The Decadent Return of the Hi-Fi Queen and Her Embryonic Reptile InfectionCarlton Mellick III2003
Still DeadJohn Skipp Editor1992
The DeadRogers, Mark E.1989
The Dead-Tossed WavesRyan, Carrie2010
The EnemyCharlie Higson2009
The Official Zombie Handbook (UK) - Ministry of ZombiesSean T Page2010
The Orpheus Process, Daniel Gower1992
The RisingBrian Keene2004
The Rising: Selected Scenes From The End Of The WorldBrian Keene2008
The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas TerrorMoore, Christopher2004
The Undead: a Zombie AnthologyD. L. Snell, Elijah Hall editors2005
Thunder and Ashes: The Morningstar Strain, Book 2 Recht, Z. A.2008
To Wake The DeadSteven Woeste2006
Tomes of the Dead: The Words of Their RoaringMatthew Smith2009
Twilight of the DeadTravis Adkins2007
UnblemishedConrad Williams2010
Undead, The Guy N. Smith1983
Undead: Flesh FeastD.L. Snell2007
Undead: Headshot Quartet (Four Zombie Novellas)D.L. Snell, John Sunseri, Ryan C. Thomas, David Dunwoody2008
Undead: Skin and BonesD.L. Snell, Travis Adkins editors2007
ViolatedSteve Gerber2011
Voodoo VirusWilliam Jones2008
Walking Dead, The Guy N. Smith1984
Walking, The Bentley Little2000
Wet Work - The Definitive EditionPhilip Nutman2007
World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie WarBrooks, Max2007
XombiesWalter Greatshell2004
ZombieErrol Lecale1975
ZombiePeter Haining1985
Zombie CSU: The Forensics of the Living DeadJonathan Maberry2008
Zombie JamDavid J. Schow2005
Zombie LoveRay Garton2003
Zombie Movie Encyclopedia, The Peter Dendle2000
Zombie Survival Guide, The Brooks, Max2003
Zombie!Peter Tremayne1987
Zombies CallingFaith Erin Hicks2007
Zombies In My HometownGary Wedlund2002
Zombies!: FeastShane McCarthy2007
Zombies: A Record of the Year of InfectionRoff, Don2009
Zombology: A Zombie AnthologyRebecca E. May Editor2009


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