Zombie CSU: The Forensics of the Living Dead by Jonathan Maberry

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There are zombie books that deal with outbreaks and their usually horrific impact upon a town or city, there are zombie books that tell you how to survive a zombie apocalypse? and then there’s Zombie CSU by Bram Stoker Award Winner Jonathan Maberry.

Unlike other books in this genre, Zombie CSU approaches the zombie issue from a scientific angle: the pathology of zombie-ism (what causes it? how does it affect infected people?), how (and how fast) it might be spread, what the first attack might be like, how the authority (everybody from the police to the doctors and forensics teams to special forces) would deal with such a zombie outbreak, the psychology and legal ramifications (eg. does killing zombies constitute murder?) and, last but not least, the prospects for humankind’s survival in the face of a zombie apocalypse, depending on the method of transmission.

For this book, Maberry actually turns to actual professionals from various fields for their opinion and approaches to such a problem, and the result is a thrilling, highly convincing account of how a zombie plague might unfold in real life, and how different fields can come together to successfully combat a zombie infestation. (If the movies and books and games have left you frustrated and distressed at the ineptitude of the authorities, this book will give you hope!).

As a bonus, the book is also full of lists of zombie flicks and books, artwork, quizzes, miscellaneous trivia, and quotes by various famous people. It’s probably a little more technical than your average zombies-eat-Jane’s-brains thriller, but nevertheless a must-read for anyone who’s a serious zombie fan.

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