Zombie Drawings by Chris Malidore

Zombie Shop

Zombie Shop by Chris Malidore, zombie drawings
(Image used by permission. All rights reserved.)

Here is some nice pencil work by Chris Malidore. This piece was done around Halloween of 2004 and was partially inspired by the bass player of the Finnish metal band Lordi who dressed like a Zombie (I believe this would have been their former bass player, Kalma, aka Niko Hurme)

Now I’m not really sure what kind of twisted mind it takes to conjure up the image of a well-dressed Zombie standing in the cereal aisle reading the ingredients on a box of Pop Tarts – but, dangit, don’t you just love it?

Chris is an accomplished professional digital artist and has done a lot of very cool work. I would definitely recommend checking his other stuff out on his website: www.artisticways.com (opens in a new window).

- Bxb

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