Zombie Drawings by Gerry Alanguilan


Zombie by Gerry Alanguilan, zombie drawings
(Image used by permission. All rights reserved.)

One of the of the first demons an aspiring artist encounters – particularly when drawing the human form (or previously human form, as the case may be) is a little thing called foreshortening. The basic concept – that things appear larger up close and smaller as they get farther away – is easy enough to wrap your mind around, and any third grader can draw a picture of railroad tracks running off into the distance. The two lines of the tracks just get closer and closer together until they meet somewhere around the horizon. Nothing to it – that’s perspective 101.

However, once you start drawing people, you quickly learn that the human mind is usually really good at detecting when parts of the body are drawn even slightly of proportion. The next thing you learn is that when you draw people up close, drawing those proportions correctly gets even more difficult due to the rules of perspective. I have literally seen grown men cry trying to figure out how to draw images like this drawing by Gerry Alanguilan – which almost seems to be an exercise in foreshortening. This is an excellent piece of work on that point alone.

However, even if you set aside the technical difficulty of the drawing, it is still just a great Zombie drawing – nice and creepy – it catches your eye and draws you in even from a distance. One of my favorites for sure. Kudos, Gerry, very nice work indeed!

* * *

Gerry Alanguilan is a Filipino comic book writer, artist and publisher. He has published the comics “Where Bold Stars Go To Die” and “ELMER” through his own Komikero Publishing and has written/drawn on many others including “Wasted”, “Timawa”, “Lastik-Man”, “Crest Hut Butt Shop” “Johnny Balbona”, and “Humanis Rex!”. He has also inked for the likes of DC, Marvel, and Image.

You can learn more about Gerry and his work by visiting his website: www.komikero.com (opens in a new window).

- Bxb

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