Zombie Drawings by grimfairy138


Zombie Drawings, Adipocere by grimfairy138
(Image used by permission. All rights reserved.)

Here’s a great little Zombie drawing called Adipocere. And my sincere thanks to the artist for adding that lovely word to my vocabulary… seems it is a sort of wax that forms on cadavers as a result of bacterial action on the fatty tissues. How delicious! Anyway, I just love this little drawing. Just good clean Zombie fun – cute as hell (and ready to dig your eyeballs right out of your skull with that cute little knife!). Love it!

You can check out more of grimfairy138′s aswesome artwork on deviantART here: grimfairy138 on deviantART.

Have some Zombie drawings of your own? Click here and share your drawings with the Zombie loving world! We can’t wait to see them!

- Bxb

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