Zombie Drawings by Harlequin Ink

Medic – Complete LineArt by Harlequin Ink

Zombie Drawing, Medic-Complete LineArt by Harlequin Ink
(Image used by permission. All rights reserved.)

Wow, what can I say? Zombies. Fishnets. Aaalllmost too short skirt. And first class medical care all wrapped into one. I can die a happy man now! But seriously, I love this drawing – love the concept, love the style. This is of course a line art drawing which is intended to be colorized, but the drawing is awesome to look at just as it is – the colored version will certainly be even more lovely when it is done – can’t wait to see it (and hopefully we’ll have a shot at displaying it in the soon to be added, any freaking day now, no I really mean it this time, Zombie Art section).

I would certainly encourage you to check out Harlequin Ink’s other fantastic artwork at deviantART here: Harlequin Ink on deviantART.

Have some Zombie drawings of your own? Click here and share your drawings with the Zombie loving world! We can’t wait to see them!

- Bxb

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