Zombie Drawings by Oupazas

Gruesome Zombie By Oupazas (Con Robert Olmstead)

Zombie Drawings, Gruesome Zombie by Oupazas
(Image used by permission. All rights reserved.)

Here is a nice loose and rough sketch of a Zombie that really works on a lot of levels. Can’t wait to see some more detailed Zombie-themed work from this artist as I’m certain it will be awesome. Here is the artist’s own description of this piece:

Ahhh, here we go. Finally a good sketch of a frightening zombie. This was also an exercise in different wounds of a zombie/person. Also this drawing shows my biggest downfall as an artist, which is drawing details too fast.
This picture started out with just the teeth. I was practicing teeth and then I turned it into a zombie head. Next thing you know I am drawing ribs and a rotting zombie arm. It was awesome. Then I looked back at it and realized the head is proportionally too big for the body, and the composition is horrible. Seriously, the drawing ended up crammed in the corner at a random angle. Had I took the time to sketch it in the center of the page and plan it out, it would have been more awesome than it is. Curse my impatience.
But I am still proud of this drawing. I LOVE YOU, FRIGHTENING SHRAPNEL ZOMBIE!!!!! <3
It would make a good mother’s day gift, no?

Have some Zombie drawings of your own? Click here and share your drawings with the Zombie loving world! We can’t wait to see them!

- Bxb

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