Zombie Drawings by Redbird

Walk Like a Zombie by Redbird (aka Brittany Hudson-Ensley)

Walk Like a Zombie by Redbird, Zombie Drawings
(Image used by permission. All rights reserved.)

Here is a lovely pinup style drawing done by Brittany Hudson-Ensley, who is also known as Redbird in art circles. Brittany says this drawing was inspired by the Danish punk rock band HorrorPops, and is in fact named after their song “Walk Like a Zombie”.

This is another one of those zombie drawings that I just can’t stop looking at – every line is graceful perfection – Brittany is definitely a magician with a pencil.

If you like this drawing, I would recommend checking out Redbird’s other work on her deviantART page: lovelyzitalee (opens in a new window).

- Bxb

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