Zombie Drawings by VanderHuge

Zombie by VanderHuge

Zombie Drawings, Zombie by VanderHuge
(Image used by permission. All rights reserved.)

Here is an artist with some fabulous pencil skills and I’m proud to have the opportunity to show some of his work to you. Love the style of this drawing – the Zombie has obviously seen better days and it appears the small carrion-loving flying creatures are having a field day – probably hatching out by the minute. Lots of great detail and the overall effect just rocks, IMHO!

- Bxb

Sick Woman by VanderHuge

Zombie Drawings, Sick Woman by VanderHuge
(Image used by permission. All rights reserved.)

All I can say is wow! What great detail and textures – from the muscle fibers to the clinging wisps of stringy hair and the embroidered cross on the nurse’s cap – all well executed. And you just KNOW that one of those bulging pustules is going to burst open at any moment and squirt vile smelling infectious fluid right into your eye if you stare too long, leaving you to share the fate of this unhappy creature – and yet you still can’t stop looking. Nice work!

If you like these zombie drawings by VanderHuge, you should check out some of his other work here: VanderHuge on DeviantArt.

- Bxb

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