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Zombie Drawings, Living Dead Girl by Super-ChiWelcome to the PBZV! Zombie Drawings page!! One of the main things that keeps me excited about creating and working on this site day after day (besides just thinking that Zombies are cool as hell) is the opportunity to interact with and promote artists and other creative minds.

As things progress you can look forward to seeing more and more sections devoted to showcasing creative talent as it pertains to the overall theme of Sex, Violence and Zombies. I feel that we all owe a ton of gratitude to the artistic geniuses who are helping us to dream a more perfect Zombie nightmare!

Zombie Drawings, Zombie Lord by bonkey-666When it comes to the visual arts, there are few things in the world that are more impressive than great pen or pencil work. Creating dynamic images with lots of depth using a single color is a special skill that requires both talent and lots of practice – and it’s hard not to have a deep admiration for those who have developed such skill, even if they are only drawing pictures of puppies!!

However, pen and pencil images are necessarily composed entirely of light and shadow and therefore lend themselves perfectly to helping create a cold, stark, or menacing atmosphere (consider the work of H.R. Giger if you ever need a reminder of the potential raw power of the monochrome image!). Obviously some if the best Zombie art you will ever find are going to show up in the form of drawings!

Zombie Drawings Gallery

So you wanna see some GREAT Z-drawings? Click on any of the images in the gallery below and you won’t be disappointed! If you love these drawings, be sure to check back often – more will be added as they are submitted or discovered. Be sure to SUBMIT YOUR OWN drawings and show them off to the Zombie lovers of the world!

We all love Zombie drawings and would love to see yours! Share your drawings and show them to the world. Submit your drawings using contact form. If your files are bigger than about 10Mb, let me know and I will give you a different way to upload them.

What Other Visitors Have Shared

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i just like to doodle

Zombie by Joshua Aschenbrenner
Well, like most uh.. Artists I guess? I find drawing oober therapeutic. Pluz, I can express my imagination in wayz I could never understand when I waz …

Mimi Huang
I’m a 20-something college grad who writes and, to some extent, illustrates zombie porn to gross out my friends, and now, the internet…

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