The PBZV! Zombie Movie List

The PBZV! Giant Zombie Movie List! Possibly Every Zombie Movie Ever Made…

Gather ’round kiddies, here it is – The PBZV Giant Zombie Movie List. Feast your eyes, if you dare, on endless row after mind-boggling row of the most amazing list of zombie movies ever compiled!! Feel overwhelmed by such a huge garden of Zombie delight? Perhaps you’d rather to start off with something a little easier to gnaw on, like the PBZV! top ten zombie movie list (click here). Otherwise, read on, read on!

Result of trying to watch the entire zombie movie list.

This guy tried to watch the entire PBZV! Zombie Movie list.

But really… Every Zombie Movie Ever Made??? Doesn’t that sound too good to be true? Well, honestly, yes it sure does – and even more honestly, yes it probably is too good to be true!! So let me start off with a mild disclaimer or two…

First of all, this list is a work in progress! With new Z-Movies being released almost daily, there is no way this list will EVER really be complete. And personally, I’m as happy as a bearded clam to be living in such a world! I mean, on that fateful day when Hell finally freezes over and the Universe comes to a grinding halt, it will be a sad day indeed – because THAT is the day the list of Every Zombie Movie Ever Made will finally be complete!

Second of all, this list is a work in progress! Even after quite a bit of work, I’m sure this list still has a few “issues” to be worked out. If you notice any obvious problems or have any suggestions I’d REALLY appreciate it if you would shoot me a note and let me know.


Basically, the intent here is to cover feature length movies (not clips or shorts, which will be a whole ‘nother section!). Oh, and zombies should have more than just a cameo role to make this list…

PBZV! Giant Zombie Movie List

For your convenience, the list is both sortable and searchable. If the movie title is underlined, clicking on it will open up the Amazon review page. Yes, they are all aff links – so if you go over there and buy a bunch of crap I’ll be the richest Zombie in the ghetto. Anyway, there are tons of great reviews there so they are a good resource anyway.

28 Days Later(2002)
28 Weeks later(2007)
A Virgin Among The Living Dead(1971)
After Death(1988)
After Sundown(2006)
Alice Jacobs is Dead(2009)
Alien Dead(1980)
All Souls Day(2005)
All You Need Is Brains(2009)
All You Zombie(2001)
American Zombie(2007)
Angry and Moist: An Undead Chronicle(2004)
Anthem of the Dead(2006)
Army of Darkness(1992)
Army of the Dead(2009)
Attack of the Beast Creatures(1985)
Attack of the Flesh Devouring Space Worms from Outer Space(1998)
Automaton Transfusion(2006)
Awaken the Dead(2007)
Bachelor Party in the Bungalow of the Damned(2008)
Back from the Dead(1997)
Bad Friend(2004)
Battle Girl: The Living Dead in Tokyo Bay(1991)
Battlefield Baseball(2003)
Beneath Still Waters(2005)
Beneath the Surface(2007)
Beyond Re-Animator(2003)
Bio Dead(2009)
Bio Zombie(1998)
Blood Moon Rising(2009)
Blood of the Beast(2003)
Bloodsucking Nazi Zombies(1983)
Bone sickness(2004)
Bong of the Dead(2009)
Boot Hill Blind Dead(2003)
Boy Eats Girl(2005)
Brain Blockers(2007)
Brain Dead(2007)
Braindead (Also titled as ?Dead Alive?)(1992)
Bride of Re-Animator(1990)
Broken Springs(2009)
Bubba?s Chili Parlor(2005)
Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror(1981)
Bury Me Alive(1957)
C.H.U.D. II: Bud the C.H.U.D.(1989)
Castle of the Living Dead(1964)
Cemetery Man(1994)
Cemetery of the Living Dead(1965)
Chalta Purza(1932)
Children of the Living Dead(2001)
Children Shouldn?t Play With Dead Things(1972)
Choking Hazard(2004)
Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town(1991)
City of Rott(2006)
City of the Living Dead(1980)
Corpse Eaters(1974)
Corpses Are Forever(2003)
Crossclub: The Legend of the Living Dead(1999)
Curse of the Anasazi(2008)
Curse of the Living Dead(1973)
Curse of the Zombie(1989)
Daddy, kiss me(2003)
Dance of the Dead(2008)
Dark Floors(2009)
Dawn of the Dead(1978)
Dawn of the Dead(2004)
Dawn of the Living Dead(2004)
Day of the Dead(1985)
Day of the Dead(2008)
Day of the Dead 2: Contagium(2005)
Day X(2005)
Days of Darkness(2007)
Dead & Breakfast(2004)
Dead & Buried(1981)
Dead Air(2009)
Dead and Deader(2006)
Dead and Gone(2007)
Dead at the Box Office(2005)
Dead Clowns(2003)
Dead Country(2008)
Dead Creek(2005)
Dead Dudes in the House(1991)
Dead Heat(1988)
Dead Heist(2007)
Dead in the Water(2006)
Dead is Dead(1992)
Dead Life(2005)
Dead Meat(2004)
Dead Men Walking(2005)
Dead Moon Rising(2009)
Dead of Night(1974)
Dead Past ? Rache aus dem Jenseits(2009)
Dead Roses(2004)
Dead Snow(2008)
Dead Space: Downfall(2008)
Dead Things (?The Wish? segment)(2005)
Deadhunter: Sevillian Zombies(2003)
Death Metal Zombies(1995)
Dellamorte Dellamore (AKA Cemetery Man)(1994)
Demoni 3(1991)
Diary of the Dead(2008)
Die and Let Live(2006)
Die Nacht der lebenden Loser(2004)
Die You Zombie Bastards!(2005)
Die Zombiej„ger(2005)
Die-ner (Get It?)(2009)
Dong of the Dead(2009)
Doomed to Consume(2006)
Dorm of the Dead(2006)
Drive-In Horrorshow(2009)
Ed and His Dead Mother(2006)
Edges of Darkness(2009)
Electric Zombies(2006)
Enter the Zombie(2006)
Erotic Nights of the Living Dead(1980)
Evil ? In the Time of Heroes(2009)
Evil Grave: Curse of the Maya(2004)
Evil Keg(2007)
Fast Zombies with Guns(2008)
Feeding the Masses(2004)
Female Mercenaries on Zombie Island(1995)
Flesh Eating Mothers(1988)
Flesh Freaks(2000)
Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane(2007)
Fogý- Revenge of the Executed(2007)
Forbidden Siren(2006)
Forest of the Dead(2007)
Forever Dead(2007)
Fuck Norge(2004)
Gangs of the Dead(2006)
Garden of the Dead(1974)
Gay By Dawn(2004)
Gay of the Dead(2009)
Ghost Brigade(1993)
Ghost Lake(2004)
GoreGoyles: First Cut(2003)
Gore-Met, Zombie Chef from Hell(1986)
Gory Gory Hallelujah(2003)
Gou hun jiang tou(1976)
Grave of the Living Dead(1983)
Graveyard Alive: A Zombie Nurse in Love(2004)
Graveyard of the Living Dead(2008)
Hanging Woman(1973)
Hard Rock Zombies(1985)
Haunting Kira(2009)
Heavy Metal, story ?B-17?(1981)
Hell of the Living Dead(1981)
Hell on Earth(2009)
Hide and Creep(2004)
Hood of the Living Dead(2005)
Horror Express(1973)
Horrors of War(2006)
Hot Wax Zombies on Wheels(1999)
House of Re-Animator(2009)
House of the Damned(2008)
House of the Dead(2003)
House of the Dead 2(2005)
House of the Living Dead(1973)
Hunting Creatures(2004)
I Am Legend(2007)
I Am Omega(2007)
I Eat Your Skin(1964)
I Sell The Dead(2008)
I Walked with a Zombie(1943)
I Was a Teenage Zombie(1987)
I Was a Zombie for the F.B.I.(1982)
I, Zombie(1998)
I?ll See You in My Dreams(2003)
Invasion of the zombies(1962)
Island of the Living Dead(2006)
Joshua Breed(2009)
Junk the Movie(2000)
Killing Birds(1991)
King of the Zombies(1941)
King Zombie(2008)
Kiss Daddy Goodbye(1981)
Knight of the Living Dead(2005)
Kung Fu Zombie(1982)
Kung Fu Zombie Vs Tigerkralle(1981)
La horde(2009)
Land of the Dead(2005)
Last of The Living(2008)
Last Rites of the Dead(2006)
Laughing Dead(1998)
Le Divan vert(2005)
Legion of the Night(1995)
Let Sleeping Corpses Lie(1974)
Linnea Quigley?s Horror Workout(1990)
Living a Zombie Dream(1996)
Living Dead Girl(2003)
Living Dead in Denmark,(1995)
Living Dead Lock Up(2005)
Living Dead Lock Up 2: March of the Dead(2007)
Lord of the Undead(2004)
Machine Head(2000)
Mad Doctor of Blood Island(1968)
Make-Out with Violence(2008)
Mangue Negro(2008)
Mansion of the Living Dead(1985)
Meat Market(2000)
Meat Market 2(2001)
Meat Market 3(2006)
Messiah of Evil(1972)
Motocross Zombies from Hell(2007)
Mulberry Street(2006)
Mulva: Zombie Ass Kicker!(2001)
Museum of the Dead(2004)
Mutant Vampire Zombies from the ?Hood!(2008)
Mutation ? Annihilation(2007)
Mutation 2 ? Generation Dead(2001)
Mutation 3 ? Century of the Dead(2002)
My Boyfriend?s Back(1993)
Natural Born Zombie Killers(1998)
Necropolis Awakened(2002)
Night Life(1989)
Night of the Comet(1984)
Night of the Creeps(1986)
Night of the Day of the Dawn of the Son of the Bride of the Return of the Terror(1991)
Night of the Day of the Dawn of the Son of the Bride of the Terror of?Part 3(2005)
Night of the Day of the Dawn of the Son of the Bride of the?In Shocking 2-D(1991)
Night of the Dead: Leben Tod(2006)
Night of the Living Babes(1987)
Night of the Living Dead(1968)
Night of the Living Dead(1990)
Night of the Living Dead 3-D(2006)
Night of the Living Dead goes 3D(2009)
Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated(2009)
Night of the Seagulls(1975)
Night of the Wehrmacht Zombies(1981)
Nightmare Circus(1974)
Ninjas vs. Zombies(2008)
Non si deve profanare il sonno dei morti(1974)
Nudist Colony of the Dead(1991)
O.C. Babes and the Slasher of Zombietown(2008)
Oasis of the Zombies(1983)
Oh! My Zombie Mermaid(2004)
Onechanbara: Zombie Bikini Squad(2008)
Otto, or Up With Dead People(2007)
Paris By Night of the Living Dead(2009)
Pet Sematary(1989)
Pet Sematary II(1992)
Pig Hunt ? Don?t Be Scared(2008)
Plaga Zombie(1997)
Plaga Zombie:Zona Mutante(2001)
Plan 9(2009)
Plan 9 from Outer Space(1959)
Planet Terror(2007)
Platoon of the Dead(2009)
Porn of the Dead(2006)
Portrait of a Zombie(2009)
Pot Zombies(2005)
Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead(2006)
Premutos ? Lord of the Living Dead(1997)
Punk Rock Zombie Kung Fu Catfight(2004)
Pushin? Up Daisies(2009)
Raiders of the Damned(2005)
Raiders of the Living Dead(1986)
Raw Zombie 11(1999)
Redneck Zombies(1987)
Reel Zombies(2008)
Resident Evil(2002)
Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D(2010)
Resident Evil: Apocalypse(2004)
Resident Evil: Degeneration(2008)
Resident Evil: Extinction(2007)
Return of the Blind Dead(1973)
Return of the Living Dead 3(1993)
Return of the Living Dead Part II(1988)
Return of the Living Dead: Necropolis(2005)
Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave(2005)
Revenge of the Living Dead Girls(1987)
Revenge of the Zombies(1943)
Revolt of the Zombies(1936)
Rika: The Zombie Killer(2008)
Rise of the Dead(2007)
Rise of the Undead(2005)
Rising Up: The Story of the Zombie Rights Movement(2009)
Romeo & Juliet vs. The Living Dead(2009)
Rotten Shaolin Zombies(2004)
Route 666(2001)
Samurai Zombie(2008)
Santo Contra los Zombis(1962)
SARS Wars(2004)
School of the Dead(2009)
Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island(1998)
Shadow: Dead Riot(2006)
Shadows of the Dead(2004)
Shaolin Vs. Evil Dead(2004)
Shatter Dead(1994)
Shaun of the Dead(2004)
Shock Waves(1977)
Silent Night, Zombie Night(2009)
Slime City Massacre(2008)
Song of the Dead(2009)
Space Zombie Bingo(1993)
Special Dead(2006)
Spirit Vs. Zombie(1989)
Stag Night of the Dead(2008)
Stone?s War(2009)
Stoned Dead(2006)
Storm of the Dead(2006)
Street of the Dead(2008)
Street Team Massacre(2007)
Sugar Hill(1974)
Summer Among the Zombies(1988)
Swamp Zombies(2005)
Teenage Zombie House Massacre(2000)
Teenage Zombies(1959)
Terror-Creatures from the Grave(1965)
The Aftermath(1982)
The Aliens and Kong Kong Zombie(1989)
The Astro-Zombies(1969)
The Beyond(1982)
The Bloodfest Club(2009)
The Bog Creatures(2003)
The Boneyard(1991)
The Book of Zombie(2009)
The Brass Ring(2008)
The Bunker(2003)
The Child(1977)
The Children(1980)
The Crypt(2009)
The Curse of the Screaming Dead(1982)
The Dead(2009)
The Dead(2009)
The Dead Hate the Living!(2000)
The Dead Have Risen(2006)
The Dead Live(2006)
The Dead Next Door(1988)
The Dead One(1961)
The Dead Pit(1989)
The Dead Undead(2009)
The Drunken Dead Guy(2005)
The Eaters(2009)
The Evil Dead(1981)
The Evil Dead II(1987)
The Ghost Breakers(1940)
The Ghost Galleon(1974)
The Ghouls(2003)
The Hidan of Maukbeiangjow(1973)
The Horror of Party Beach(1964)
The House by the Cemetery(1981)
The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies(1964)
The Last Days of Humanity(2002)
The Living Corpse(2009)
The Lost Way of the Zombies(2005)
The Mad(2007)
The Mental Dead(2003)
The Naked and the Living Dead(2003)
The Necro Files(1997)
The Necro Files 2(2003)
The Neighbor Zombie(2002)
The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave(1971)
The Plague(2006)
The Plague of the Zombies(1966)
The Quick and the Undead(2006)
The Rage(2007)
The Rape After(1986)
The Resurrection Game(2001)
The Return of the Living Dead(1985)
The Revenant(2009)
The Revolting Dead(2003)
The Rising Dead(2007)
The Roost(2005)
The Serpent and the Rainbow(1988)
The Slaughter(2006)
The Stink of Flesh(2005)
The Supernaturals(1986)
The Undead(2008)
The Vanguard(2008)
The Veil(2008)
The Zombie Army!(1991)
The Zombie Chronicles(2001)
The Zombie Diaries(2006)
The Zombie Walks(1968)
They Came Back(2004)
They Must Eat(2006)
They Shall Pay with Rivers of Blood(2009)
Tokyo Zombie(2005)
Tombs of the Blind Dead(1971)
Trailer Park of Terror(2007)
Undead or Alive(2007)
Undead Ted(2007)
Uniform Sabaigaru(2009)
Untot ? Undead Unleashed(1999)
Urban Decay(2007)
Urban Scumbags vs. Countryside Zombies(1992)
Urban Scumbags vs. Countryside Zombies Reanimated(2009)
V†gn op! ? en religi?s zombie parodi(1992)
Vampires vs. Zombies(2004)
Vengeance of the Zombies(1972)
Video Dead(1987)
Violent Shit III: Infantry of Doom(1999)
Virus Undead(2008)
Walk Like a Zombie(2004)
War of the Dead(2006)
War of the Living Dead(2006)
War of the Zombies(2006)
Wasting Away(2007)
Waxwork II: Lost in Time(1992)
Weekend at Bernie?s II(1993)
White Zombie(1932)
Wicked Little Things(2006)
Wild Zero(2000)
Wiseguys vs. Zombies(2003)
Woke Up Dead(2009)
Working Stiffs(1989)
Worst Case Scenario(2009)
Yoroi: The Samurai Zombie(2008)
Y–rei zonbi(2007)
Z: A Zombie Musical(2005)
ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction(2009)
Zombi II(1979)
Zombi III(1988)
Zombie ? Regulators(1998)
Zombie ? The Resurrection(1997)
Zombie ?90: Extreme Pestilence(1991)
Zombie Allegiance(2009)
Zombie and the Ghost Train(1991)
Zombie Apocalypse Now!(2008)
Zombie Attack!(1990)
Zombie Bloodbath(1993)
Zombie Bloodbath 2: Rage of the Undead(1995)
Zombie Bloodbath 3: Zombie Armageddon(2000)
Zombie Brigade(1986)
Zombie Campout(2002)
Zombie Cheerleader Camp(2007)
Zombie Commando(2006)
Zombie Cop(1991)
Zombie Cult Massacre(1998)
Zombie Dearest(2009)
Zombie Death House(1987)
Zombie Farm(2007)
Zombie Genocide(1993)
Zombie High(1987)
Zombie Holocaust(1980)
Zombie Honeymoon(2004)
Zombie Hunter(2005)
Zombie Hunter Rika(2008)
Zombie Hunters(2007)
Zombie in a Haunted House(1959)
Zombie Island Massacre(1984)
Zombie King and the Legion of Doom(2004)
Zombie Lake(1981)
Zombie Nation(2004)
Zombie Night(2003)
Zombie Night 2: Awakening(2006)
Zombie Nightmare(1986)
Zombie Ninja Gangbangers(1997)
Zombie Nosh(1988)
Zombie Outbreak(2007)
Zombie Planet(2004)
Zombie Planet 2: Adam?s Revenge(2005)
Zombie Rampage(1989)
Zombie Rampage 2(1992)
Zombie Reanimation(2009)
Zombie Self Defense Force(2006)
Zombie Snake(2000)
Zombie Strippers(2008)
Zombie Town(2007)
Zombie Toxin(1998)
Zombie Vampire(1988)
Zombie Vegetarians(2004)
Zombie Vs. Ninja(1987)
Zombie Warrior(2007)
Zombie Wars(2006)
Zombie Western: It Came from the West(2006)
Zombie Women of Satan(2009)
Zombie! vs. Mardi Gras(1999)
Zombies by Design(2006)
Zombies Gone Wild(2007)
Zombies of Mora Tau(1957)
Zombies of the Night(2009)
Zombies of the Stratosphere(1952)
Zombies on Broadway(1945)
Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!(2007)
Zombies: The Beginning(2007)
Zone of the Dead(2009)

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