Zombie Strippers

Zombie Strippers (2008)

Zombie Strippers Poster, Jenna Jameson, zombie moviesIn a perfect world, all zombie movies would come with a bevy of hot zombie strippers pole dancing their way into your heart… so what could there possibly be NOT to love about this movie? Well, plenty really. The acting is terrible, the storyline is spotty and the humor is occasionally too corny to bear… it may even be the stupidest movie you will ever see. HOWEVER…

…to be perfectly honest, this is one freaking funny movie. There is a surprising amount of rather subtle intellectual humor that you have to actually pay attention to catch, a boatload of not-so-subtle (decidedly anti-Bush) political satire AND more boobs than you will see in any 10 of your more typical R-rated movies. And to top it off, it’s filled with lots of delightfully cheesy gore and plenty of exploding Zombie head-shots.

Zombie Strippers, Jenna Jameson, Pole Dancing, zombie moviesThe movie starts off taking political pot shots at GW Bush – and in fact is set in a nightmare world where GW is in his fourth term in office and has dissolved Congress because they were “cramping his style”. Bloody wars are raging with practically every Middle Eastern country (as well as France and Alaska!) and the army is experimenting with a Zombie virus in a misguided effort to deal with a rapidly dwindling supply of fresh troops.

The political jabs keep popping up throughout the movie but are generally a bit more subtle – such as when the evil doctor explains that his experimental subjects came from the ranks of people so desperate and poor they had no choice but to sell themselves to science… people such as the homeless, illegal immigrants and the American Middle Class. Ha! Could this be the reason why I love Zombie Movies??

Zombie Strippers, Shamron Moore, female zombie, zombie movies Of course the infection escapes the lab and makes its way to a neighboring clandestine “gentleman’s club” ran by Robert Englund (of Freddy Kruger fame). Jenna Jameson is the star entertainer of the club. She is hated and envied by all the other girls due to her popularity and holier-than-thou attitude. The rivalry is a recurring factor in the story line (if you can call it that!) and leads to some interesting scenes – including one particularly hilarious one involving golf balls – if you’ve seen it, you know the one I mean!

Zombie Strippers, Broke Jaw DudeIf you find yourself strangely attracted to female zombies (you sicko! ;-) ), then you will probably find that Jenna Jameson is one sexy zombie (at least when she’s still freshly undead) – and her fellow female zombie cast members are a lot of fun to watch as well – Shamron Moore is absolutely smokin’ hot.

Zombie Strippers is definitely a B-Movie – maybe even a C or D-Movie. However, I highly suspect that whatever it would have taken to bring this film up to A-Movie status (i.e. more professional input at the writing and directing stage, more money or more talented actors) it would have killed its soul. And this movie does have soul if you just pay attention. To be sure, Zombie Strippers encompasses everything that we hold near and dear to our hearts here at PBZV! Sex. Violence. Zombies. Nuff said? But really you don’t have to take our word for it – you can check out about a hundred or so Zombie Strippers Reviews, good, bad and in between on Amazon.

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